Goals / Prospects

„That which goes against nature cannot endure.“
Charles Darwin (1809 – 1882), British naturalist

Our corporate goal is to create innovations in the maritime technologies and renewable energy sectors that satisfy over the long term with their economic viability and sustainability.

Products must also be useful to future generations, which is why they must be environmentally friendly and have a long service life in all areas.

We intend to develop the next generation of high-performance wind and hydro turbines. In the maritime technologies sector we are working on a concept for emission-free ships.

These ships will be operated exclusively with renewable energy and regenerative fuels.

Renewable energy sources cannot be used without an efficient energy storage means. We are therefore working on ways to make renewable energy sources usable under cloudy skies and when the wind is not blowing.

For us, important aspects in the sector of renewable energy sources are the innovative recovery of energy, efficient use of valuable resources and a comprehensive overall concept. We will concentrate our energy on making energy-efficient mobility available on a broad basis in the future.

The wind energy and maritime technologies sectors represent merely the practical work areas for us in which we can resolve the issues of forward-looking mobility.