INNOVEN specializes in products that combine sustainability with economic viability through a high degree of technological innovation.

For us, this is the only way to guarantee comprehensive development of concepts that are useful over the long term.

The materials used in this process are of particular interest to us in the sector of renewable energy. We place great value on resource-friendly, recyclable and long-lasting materials. As little waste as possible is to be produced from the production process up through installation. We therefore do without plastic and packing materials whenever possible.

We are currently working on ways to also produce major components of wind turbine plants of the future without using plastic, as metallic materials are much more sustainable, can be recycled with substantially less energy consumption and can be reused in new products.

Besides the efficient use of resources and the use of long-lasting materials, great importance is also attached to energy-efficient ship operation in the sector of maritime technologies.

Our goal is the significant reduction of the total emissions of a ship. This includes exhaust gases, waste and wastewater. Development here focuses on alternative propulsion technologies, such as wind propulsion, novel propeller geometries and optimized ship lines.

Our demand and our goal is to provide real sustainability for the entire life cycle of our products, from design, through installation and up to discontinuation of use.

We work and exist to achieve this goal: starting with our personal way of life, the step-by-step building of our company, and up to development of future-oriented products.